Friday, November 21, 2014

Planner Friday - November

Hello, welcome back to another Planner Friday post!  I will be the first to admit I have gone a little overboard with my decoration for this week but it is a week full of birthdays including my own so I wanted it to be fun.  I have just realised that I showed you a cupcake theme last month too, you must think I am cake obsessed!  Don't tell anyone but... it's true!

How my week started out

For such a big week I have used a lot of Annie's Paper Boutique products, I have listed them all below.

Pictured: Trendy Page Dots

I like to use journal tags in my planner so I wanted to show you some of my favourite ones.  I use them to record special events, memories and quotes and for reminders and to do lists.  Because they don't have any holes punched in them you could use them for craft projects too or even as gift tags, they are very versatile!  

It's nearly Christmas so I have my Christmas tree clip
in my Filofax now!

How my week looks today

Can you believe there is only one Planner Friday left for this year?  2014 has flown by so fast!  I will be back in December for some Christmas themed fun so I hope to see you then.

There are lots of Christmas goodies in the store, now is the perfect time to stock up before it is suddenly December and things get crazy!

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