Friday, July 21, 2017

Planner Friday - July

Hello!  Welcome to Planner Friday!  I know for some of you the summer holidays began a while ago but here in the UK the schools don't finish until this afternoon and I really can't wait!  I wanted to do a tropical theme in my planner to celebrate the start of lazy days and endless sunshine (fingers crossed!) so let me show you what I used and how it turned out.

Products used:

Used but not pictured:

As always I started out with some washi tape and Trendy page dots to give my pages a splash of colour and then got out my collection of planner stamps to fill in my to do lists and reminders.  

My Planner Friday to do list

I also made myself a little Planner Friday card to keep track of what I needed to do for today's post and added a bit of Trendy bakers twine just because it's such a pretty colour!

My week so far

I am documenting my week using one of the newer stamp sets from Annie's Paper Boutique, they are so funny and give me a giggle when I am selecting which one sums up My day.  Some of my favourites from this set are "Didn't slap anyone", "Kept the kids alive" and "Overindulged in planner supplies" which is particularly apt for me!  I am using a different colour ink for these stamps so it is easy to see straight away what kind of week I have been having and I love the combination of pinks and greens together.

If you are feeling the urge to overindulge in planner supplies too then stop by the store now and see what takes your fancy!  Go on, treat yourself!

See you again next month!



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