Friday, September 16, 2016

Planner Friday - September

For me September is the biggest "get organised" month of my year, it is when the new school year starts and suddenly I have lots of places I need to be and things I need to do.  Over the summer holiday I get kind of lax with my planner because my days are less structured and I have fewer commitments but when September comes around I dive back into planning and it feels good to find my old rhythm again!

Products used:

I used a couple of new stamp sets this week, the first is the More At Home set which is a fabulous addition to the APB planner stamp collection.  It has so many handy options for cleaning reminders like Countertops, Toilet, Cat Box, Living Rm, Family Rm, Mop etc I think between this and the original At Home set I have every stamp I could ever need when it comes to keeping my home running smoothly! 

No Adulting Stamp Set

The second set I used is really, really fun!  It is the No Adulting set and I love it!  A lot of these stamps represent how some of my days turned out over the summer, there was plenty of binge watching going on and a fair few Pyjama days too!  I am trying to be more productive now I am home alone again during the week but some times the calling of Netflix is too strong and I give in!  

My week so far

I am using a couple of paper clips to help me feel inspired and stay on top of things, the Plan and To Do remind me to make a plan and then carry it through.  Everything is easier when you break it down into small steps and complete them one at a time.

Have you been bitten by the planner bug?  Swing by the store now and check out all the lovely supplies you need to get organised!



  1. So great to see your planner again. Love the quotes on the stamp set. Fetting in your,style every week is such a treat.

  2. Another cute set of planner pages! You always do such a great job on them!

  3. The planner pages are awesome!!I love the cleaning reminders...too cute!!

  4. I would love to have a planner sooo organized like this ! Great job!

  5. Adorable planner pages, the pages are always so bright and cheery!

  6. Amanda, this is just so CUTE! Love your planner posts... if only I can be this organized :)


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