Friday, October 10, 2014

Planner Friday - October

Hello, I am Amanda from She's Eclectic and I write a monthly Planner Friday post here on Twine it up with Trendy Twine.  I think that prettying up your planner pages makes it easier to stay organised.  If my pages were plain I wouldn't refer to my Filofax as often during the day and then I would forget things and get myself in a muddle!  

I went with a cupcake theme this week, you can see the products I used in the photo below.  A couple of strips of washi tape and some Trendy Page Dot reinforcements and my diary pages are much more colourful and fun!

I have recently started using the School Days Planner Stamp Set, it is incredibly handy now I have two children in school and one in nursery/preschool!  The school year only started three weeks ago here in the UK but I have already had lots of events going on at the school.  There are also lots of after school clubs and activities going on that I need to remember, I have one child who has joined the school choir and football team and another who has joined the chess club and the school play.  Thankfully the one in nursery wont be joining any clubs for another year or two but either way this stamp set will keep me organised!   

School Days stamps in action

I don't have any cupcake stickers that would match the colours of the Trendy Page Dots and washi tape I have used this week so I am just drawing some, copying the ones on the tape.  They're not perfect but at least they all go together well! 

My week so far

I couldn't write an October post without showing you what I have planned for my Halloween week at the end of the month.  I love these Spooktacular Trendy Page Dot reinforcements and I used some Trendy Twine to make the bunting too.  

Used but not pictured At Home Planner Stamp Set

I haven't used the School Days stamps on this week because it will be half term so the school is closed.  If it isn't a super busy week then I will have lots more room to decorate the pages.  I just don't know how much I will have on until nearer the time but without all the school reminders I should be able to fit in some more spooky bits and pieces!  

If you want to see how the Halloween week looked when it was all filled in let me know in the comments and I will show you in my next Planner Friday post.  If you fancy decorating your planner for Halloween then stop by the store and see all the scarily good things on offer!

See you next month!



  1. I am in love with the Halloween layout it's so cool!

  2. This is awesome!! I love seeing all your fun planner ideas!!

  3. Super cute planner pages!
    Love the cupcake theme and fun Halloween one!!
    AWESOME job!

  4. Ooooh Amanda you keep putting my in the mood to organize my plain, very boring planner! I LOVE your Halloween page - SUPER cute! You do an excellent job and I'm sure it makes doing chores easier when your list looks pretty huh?
    Have a GREAT weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Shelly! I love Halloween, it's one of my favourite holidays :)

  5. Super fun pages, the Halloween page is my favorite. It looks so awesome!

  6. Your pages are so much fun! Love those bright Halloween pages!

  7. I love the Halloween details, Super cute! But I simply ADORE the Cupcake because I am a huge fan of Cupcakes!!! Super cute & Fun!!
    Have a wonderful day,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  8. Your pages are always so fun!


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