Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Trendy Bakers Twine - Monthly Spotlight

Happy April! 

It's a great time to grab a spool of our beautiful Cotton Candy Trendy Twine, 
especially while it has free domestic shipping.  It's a twist of light blue and light pink, so it's perfect for Spring crafting, packaging, and decorating. This color is also popular for gender reveal baby showers.

You can also snag a few of our planner stamp sets for a great price and they both have free domestic shipping for a limited time.

Take a peek at our other goodies, too.

Cotton Candy Trendy Bakers Twine - $7.99 (free domestic shipping)

Cotton Candy Mini - $2.39

Candy Cubes - $4.79

April's Treat Packaging Bundle - $4.49

No Adulting Planner Stamps - $11.99 (free domestic shipping)

Foodies Planner Stamps - $11.99 (free domestic shipping)

Have a wonderful afternoon!

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