Friday, April 27, 2018

Planner Friday - April

Wow, Planner Friday came around again so quickly!  I feel like the months are speeding by and it will be summer before we know it.  Though that's not a bad thing, I can't wait for some sunshine! 

For today's post I wanted to show you how I use my Annie's Paper Boutique stamps to help keep me organised and add a little fun to my planner pages too.  

I knew when I started planning my week that I was going to be busier than usual so I added plenty of check boxes for my daily to dos using a stamp from the Check It Off set and then added my reminders and lists with stamps from the At Home and School Days sets.  I reinforced the holes in my pages with colourful Trendy Page Dots, paired them with some bright and cheery washi tape and added one of my favourite coffee planner clips.

Talking of coffee I knew I was going to need a lot of caffeine see me through the week so I made it the theme for my pages!   There is a special set of  APB stamps for my fellow coffee addicts, aptly called Need Coffee and they are the perfect size for planner pages as they are quite small so you will still have have plenty of space left to make your notes around them.  I also used a larger coffee stamp from the Perfect Pairs set in my Sunday section as I have less to do that day and had more space for decoration.  The last thing I did was to colour in the stamps with fineliners and pencil crayons and then I was ready to face the week!

My week fuelled by coffee

I have to admit I am glad it is Friday now as my week is winding down a little.  I might have had a lot to do but every time I opened my planner I was greeted with a cheerful spread which made my tasks seem less daunting.  

How do you get through a busy week?

Don't forget to stop by the store to check out all the lovely planning supplies and I'll be back again next month for another Planner Friday! 



  1. Wow! What a huge variety of APB you have used on these pages! Very awesome.

  2. You used a lot of fun products! Love it :)

  3. oh you're a busy bee :) but like you said it nice to see all your daily tasks in such pretty print and stamps.


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