Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Trendy Bakers Twine~Valentine Muslin Bag

Good morning friends!  Beth from Beth's Beauties here today.  I am back with another Valentine's Day treat that uses products from Annie's Paper Boutique
I started with a Cotton Muslin Bag and decided to stamp images from the You & Me stamp set onto it.  Before stamping, make sure to add a piece of cardstock into the middle of the bag for stability and to prevent ink from transferring to the back of the bag.  The colors of ink I used were Scrapbook.com Mermaid, Candy Shop Pink, and Cardinal Red.  I used my stamp platform so I could double stamp because the bag will soak up a bit of the ink as you stamp.  I also used my embossing heat gun to thoroughly dry the ink before I did anything else with the bag.
Instead of using the tie that comes on the bag, I decided to change it up a bit and use Cherry Cupcake Trendy Twine to tie it shut after I had filled it with treats.  I added a die cut heart onto the Trendy Twine before making the bow so it could be used as a tag.  A simple but unique way to present Valentine's Day treats!

Here is what I used from Annie's Paper Boutique:

There also have been SEVERAL new sampler sets added to the store, including Valentine's day ones.  Here is just one example called "Rosy".

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  1. So CUTE! I love that your stamped the bag to decorate it!


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