Friday, May 22, 2015

Check It Off with Erin Condren Life Planner

check it off by annies paper boutique

Poor Lesley, you would think after three years of me hanging around, she would get tired and tell me to go away. Well, that must not be the case because she asked me, Becki of the Happy Card Factory, if I would showcase some of Annie's Paper Boutique stamps in different planners. Guess that means I will be rolling in and out a Friday or two this year. 

For May, I decided to start with the "Check It Off" set with my Erin Condren Life Planner. I wanted this set to springboard my "Planner Fridays" as I think it is the most versatile of all APB stamps. It is the best set to start with if don't own many stamps for your planner. Let me show you why.

full page spread with check it off

First off, let me say it is a bit nerve-wracking stamping in your planner for a post. I am not the most skilled stamper in the world or the best speller. So, if you mess up a certain date, you can't get a fresh sheet of paper as with making a card. Please excuse the white-out mess in the side panel. Apparently yogurt is a hard word for me to spell. :/ I debated leaving it and letting you all think I didn't pass 3rd-grade spelling or fixing it. I should have gone with the former. I figure you guys are used to that by now with me. Anyway....we shall proceed.

check it off 10

If the "Check It Off" set is the only planner stamps you have, you will still have organizing bliss. I use a part of it for every box in my Erin Condren. The dot/line combo was made with Erin Condren in mind. It is a perfect fit in the weekly boxes as shown here. Since the May theme is pink and pool, I used Sea Breeze chalk ink by VersaMagic. It's a little light, but love how it matches. The dot/line stamp is great for making a to-do list. I have a problem. I love to write stuff down just so I can check it off. The set comes with a six headings. The "To Do" was used here on a blank sticker I made to cover up each heading that is in the weekly pages in the Erin Condren.

check it off 8

The middle "day" box I always use for work-related plans. Since Monday is Memorial Day, I shall take the whole day off and do no work (yeah, right). Hey, it's in the planner, it has to happen! Monday also happens to be my payday. To mark it, I use the small teardrop in the corner and add the dollar sign. The bigger teardrop is used the same way, but to mark when my husband gets paid. He gets the big teardrop because his pay is much bigger than mine. The teardrops are cool because they can be used a lot of different ways. This is just one.

check it off 7

Page flags seem to be all the rage in the planner community. That's why "Check It Off" comes with 8 different flag styles. I'm sure you can find a favorite! Like the heart checklist for my "important" section. This is a little different than my to-dos. My to-dos are more of a chore list, whereas the important stuff goes down here. Things I really need to get done that day, that I try not to push off another day like laundry. Remember when I said that I like to check things off my list? Well, this set even comes with a cute little checkmark. I know I will enjoy the holiday, so I got that taken care of already.

check it off 6

In order to make use of the bottom lined area, I cover up the ticker tape area with a blank sticker strip. That way I can use another one of the awesome banners. The small light banner is skinny enough to mark my dinner menu here. Then the lines at the bottom become really useful for my and my family. That don't ask, "What's for dinner?" anymore. They know to just check out my planner.

check it off 9

Ugh, my dreaded white out. haha, As you can see, I use the "goals & notes" area to keep a running grocery list. That way there is no losing the list. My watercolor label is a nice size to cover up and change the use. Along with the sets "shopping" and "task list" stamp. I did mask out the "task", so I could just use the "list" part. While not specifically made to for the lines here, the heart checklist grouping fits pretty well. It's great because I get to check more stuff off. Are you seeing a reoccurring theme here? "Check it off" should be tattooed on my arm.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this great planner stamp set. Pick it up and see for yourself. I'm sure you guys can come up with lots of different uses and amazing ideas to be a better organized you. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to share your planner pages on Instagram. Don't forget to tag @HappyCardFactory and @TheTrendyGal. We'd love to see what your creations!


  1. LOVE your planner page Becki! Great use of those adorable stamps!

  2. Your planner page is awesome! I love how you explained all the details to your page. Perfect way to use those stamps!

  3. This is pretty fantastic! WOW, what a great planner!

  4. Super fun planner pages, lots of awesome details you added too!

  5. Oh my how neat and organized. I like how you used the flag/banner to write dinner. Great idea.

  6. I love these stamps ... I have to get them!! I ordered this planner because of your last post with it .... love it

  7. Love the cute banners! The tear drop is super fun! Totally cute planner pages.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Crafting With Creative M


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