Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

I hope everyone one had a nice Father's Day with the dads in their lives.  I had to work today, but went to see my Dad and Grandfather afterwards.  I just wanted to share my super quick and very simple Father's Day gift. 

My family is kind of the same about gifts.  We don't want a lot of cluttery stuff that just takes up room somewhere, so we usually do cash or gift cards.  As I said earlier, everything was very simple.  For one, I waited til the last possible minute; and two, I had to make two other gifts. 

I used Alyssa's super cute stamp for the "You are my pop" tags from her Father's Day Subway Art set.  I like the set and will use some of the stamps for other occasions too.  For the "soda-lightful" tags, I had to print those in print shop and I just inked the edges.  So I did three "you are my pop" and three "soda-lightful" tags so each bottle has a cute tag.  The sweet little kraft bag has my Dad's gift card to Home Depot.  I just stamped an assortment of Dad words from Alyssa's set to decorate the tiny little bag.  Lastly, I made the simple little Father's Day tag.  Of course, I used Trendy Twine.  I mean a project just isn't complete without it ;) 

Dad thought the Root Beer was a cute idea.  I wanted to add a sweet  little treat to his gift card, so I was happy he liked it.

Hope you have a super fabulous week, my twiners!



  1. Super cute! What a great gift idea.

  2. Very cute idea, we don't really do gifts here either so I might have to steal this idea soon!

  3. Fun! I love the soda idea--just perfect!!

  4. aww this is just way too fun...great idea...

  5. What a fun project, love the sentiments on everything. You are so creative!

  6. Lesley...this is so cute....great little gift idea! And especially great for the "no junkie clutter" idea....we are the same!


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