Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guest Designer Thursday featuring Kerri and Therese

Wow!  We are so lucky to have two super
fabulous guest designers today. 
First we have Kerri with Craft Time and Cupcakes
and she did this beautiful love banner. 
Don't you just love the doilies?

Did you see how she used the buttons and
the twine to connect them all? 
So pretty... and functional too. 
Isn't this gorgeous?

We also have Therese with Therese's Crafty Cabana
And how super sweet is she to make two projects?! 
That is just so over-the-top.

Her first project is a count down to
Valentine's Day calendar. 
She used Peppermint Stick and Cherry Cupcake.  
What a cute idea!  People do this for Christmas
all the time.  So why not for Valentine's Day, too? 
Don't you just love the way she used the twine?

For her second project, Therese did a 
Strawberry Teapot Bag.  Love that twine handle! 

Please visit their blogs
for more detailed information
and leave them some love, too.

A great big thank you to Kerri and Therese 
for guesting for Trendy Twine. 
We appreciate your taking
the time to do this for us.

I hope you twiners get some inspiration
from these amazing designers.


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