Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trendy Thursday: Valentine's Test Tube Treat Holder

Hi Everyone! 
It's Jamie and my project for today is a Test Tube Treat holder.

I used Cherry Cupcake to tie the Be Mine heart to the top of the test tube and made a bow. 
I love how well this twine matches the Valentine's Day M&M's!

Then I tied 2 small pieces on her hair for bows and knit a tiny scarf for her out of Cherry Cupcake as well.

How cute is Trendy Twine when it's all knit up!

For details on how I made this project please visit my blog-


  1. That's my little Martha Stewart... even knits! Love this, Jamie; very cute. Really lovin' that scarf.

  2. Love it! Love how you used the twine for her scarf.

  3. Love the crocheted twine, it adds a real element to the stamp!

  4. very cute chickie and way to creative knitting a freaking scarf !



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