Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Lesley!!

Hi Trendy Twiners!!
I wanted to share a few photos of some Birthday Goodies I made for Lesley.
She was gone on vacation during her birthday so I wanted to send them and make sure she got them.

She loves pink and Hello Kitty so here is what I made her!
Her Card!! Love that cute winking Hello Kitty!!

I made her a sign for her office, room or anywhere she wants to put it.
I used homemade Glimmer mist but its hard to catch in a photograph.
(Just for you, so you don't have to share!)
Yummy Bucket full of CHOCOLATE!! MMmmmm!!!
I hope she loves all of it! I enjoyed making each one!! 
Happy Belated Birthday Lesley!! :)


  1. I did love it. Kim is the sweetest person ever. And heck no, I'm not sharing my candy.

  2. FUN! Happy Birthday Lesley! :)

  3. So Adorable my daughter loves Hello Kitty and she went Gaga when she saw this. Belated Happy Birthday Lesley!


  4. very cute !! hope you had a wonderful birthday !!!!


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