Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I know, you're jealous...

There's room to add some more... ;-)

My "design team Loot"... ;-)

Hi everyone, Bee here... Just sharing with you my twine storage... :-P I love Kim's sugar containers, so cute, but I don't have room for that in my little craft corner, and I have a curious toddler who would love to play with each and every color... so I just store my ribbons and twines in those big candy containers from Anchor Hocking (Target for about $5). It's not as convenient, but so far it works for me....

I hope you have noticed there is some space left in my big jar... ;-) There are 4 new colors of Trendy Twine  in the making... ;-P

Don't forget you still have a few days to enter my giveaway to win a sampler pack of the 6 basic colors... :-)



  1. You would be right....I'm totally's a candy jar with goodies inside!


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