Twineology 101

Annie's Paper Boutique launched Trendy Twine in the summer of 2010 and started out with six unique twists.  We wanted to make a twine that was different than the common ones that were already on the  market; and also wanted ours to have a bit more variety.  So... we were the first to offer a three-color twist; and a two color twist without white (Twisted Lime, our original green).  Other companies have come to realize how appealing our festive twists are and have started following our trend. 

Twine colors are custom made to our specifications.  Our colors are bold and offer a whole lot of "pop."  Some twists have a light color, a dark color, and white; others have two threads of the same color with two whites; some (like Twisted Lime) have no white.  A few of the colors are twisted with natural, unbleached twine which gives them a softer, vintage flair (like Posy.)  We have a twine color for everyone.

Twine is 4-ply, 100% cotton, and is a tad over 1/16" thick.  Spools are 160 yards in length and weigh about two ounces each. Spools may vary in size due to how they are wound on the cardboard tube.  If the spool looks smaller, the twine is wound a little tighter; if it looks larger, the twine is wound a little looser.  

Our product is proudly made in the USA.

It is earth-friendly.  Since it's 100% cotton, it's a naturally produced material and is also bio-degradable.

Twine is perfect for all kinds of crafting, scrapbooking, and packaging.  It's so easy to add a bit of Trendy Twine for a sweet pop of color on any and everything.  As I've been told before, "Trendy Twine makes everything better."  

Please visit the Home page of the blog for all kinds of twine inspiration.  The design team and guest designers are super talented and very creative.

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